A lightbulb lies in the center of six blank post-it notes.

The 2023 KLAS Users’ Conference in Nashville, TN July 17-20 will be here quicker than you think!

In preparation, the KLAS Programming Committee is now seeking proposals for general and breakout sessions for our FIRST HYBRID KLAS Users' conference. We want to include information about innovative ways to use KLAS, new service initiatives, how you train staff and volunteers to use KLAS most effectively, etc. Proposals are welcome from those willing to present either in-person or virtually (or whose who aren't sure yet which way they will attend).

You can help make this an extraordinary learning experience by sharing your expertise and creativity with colleagues from other organizations and libraries!

If submitting a group presentation, please list the session organizer / main contact.

2023 KLAS Users' Conference Session Proposal Deadline = Wednesday, March 1

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