• 03/17/2022 KLAS LBPD Users' Roundtable: Serials Duplication

    KLAS LBPD Users' Roundtable! Thursday, March 17, 2022 at 3:00 PM Eastern Time / Noon Pacific. Bring your Serials Duplication related questions, great ideas, and feedback to share with Keystone Staff and other LBPD KLAS users.

    Our March KLAS LBPD Users' Roundtable occurred on Thursday, March 17 at 3 PM Eastern / Noon Pacific. During this session, user panelists discussed the ins and outs of Serials Duplication using KLAS. Additionally, members of Keystone staff will be available to answer questions, listen to feedback, and provide insight. So, set aside an hour and join us for to learn more about handling Serials circulation within a Duplication on Demand service model.

    KLAS LBPD Users' Roundtable: Serials Duplication

    User panelists included:

    • Josh Easter, SD
    • David Statz, MN
    • Teresa Kalber, CO
    • Amanda Diggs, KS

    The recording of this roundtable is now available for review:


  • Serials for Duplication - Tips & Tricks

    Photo of a stack of magazines.

    Did you attend our last webinar on Serials for Duplication, or watch the recording? Our panelists did a great job talking through their approaches and processes, and answering questions from attendees. Since this is such a big topic, with plenty of new complexities thrown in by the transition to Duplication, here’s a little extra follow-up.

    To separate by Medium, or not?

    In the roundtable, you heard some of our panelists use a separate Medium, such as “LDS,” for locally duplicated serials. Others use the same DB Medium used for books and physical DB serials. We covered some of the reasons in the roundtable, but just to clarify in black and white:

    • Both approaches work—choose the one that fits your library’s needs.
    • Using a separate Medium requires the patron to have a separate Medium Profile and a separate Service Queue.
    • This allows you to set a Cutoff, Max Per Cart, and other settings that apply only to Magazine cartridges.
    • This means Duplication Orders only contain books or magazines, never both.
    • For Scribe, a separate Medium allows you to set a different leaflet or announcement file to include on Magazine vs book cartridges.
    • We are looking into methods for separating Dup Order batches for handling by Medium, but nothing is in place just yet.

    If you want to start Duplicating Serials as a separate Medium, several pieces of set-up will be needed. Contact Customer Support to get started.

    Receive an Issue to trigger Retention

    Some issues have been reported with getting Duplication-only Serials to obey the Retention settings. This is because the settings are attached to the Holding, which is associated with inventory. In other words, it was programmed expecting physical circulation, before we had any inkling of the need to duplicate serials on demand.

    Right now, KLAS is not following Serial Retention settings if there isn't at least one Copy of an issue. So the fix is to Receive at least one Copy of each issue, even if you only plan to circulate the issue using Duplication. This allows you to “activate” the settings associated with the Holding, such as Retention.

    Subscription Start Date

    John Owen shared this tip in the roundtable. To prevent unnecessary Serial Reserves being created (and Assigned if the patron is not yet set up for Duplication), set the Start Date for new serial Subscriptions to tomorrow.

    By forward-dating the subscription, you tell KLAS not to run the usual programs designed to get physical inventory assigned and out the door to new subscribers ASAP. Instead, the subscription will quietly become active overnight, overnight, and all new issues will be added to the patron's Service Queue as they are Received and the eDocs created.

    Screenshot of the detail fields of a new Serial subscription, with a circle around the Added field to highlight it. The field is after the KLAS ID selection fields and just before Cancelled. The example has the date 03/31/2022 filled in.

    We hope these insights are useful as you enter the brave new world of providing serials within a duplication on demand service model. As always, please don't hesitate to contact support with any questions.

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