Bring your questions, great ideas & feedback to our next KLAS IRC Users' Roundtable to be held Nov 3 at 1:30 PM ET.
The recording of the 11/3/2021 KLAS IRC / IMC Users' Roundtable hosted by Jared Leslie, AZ, and Jen Buzolich. CA is now available. This session was...
Screen capture of the KLAS IRC / IMC Users' Meeting at APH 2021 meeting recording.
The recording of our October 12, 2021 KLAS IRC / IMC Users' Group Meeting held as part of the APH 2021 Annual Meeting is now available. Dur...
2018 APH KLAS Users' Meeting Recording
Below is a link to the recorded screen sharing and audio portion of the IRC / IMC KLAS Users' Meeting held on October 4 at the 150th Annual Meeting...

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