After over 20 years of service in Keystone's Customer Support department, John Owen retired on December 30, 2022. Last Thursday, Keystone staff gathered at Margaux's Restaurant in Raleigh, NC to enjoy a celebratory dinner in honor of John and his dedication to his clients and coworkers. John will be remembered for his calming voice, adeptness at diagnosing and fixing various types of mailing card printers, and his unrivaled selection of shoes. While his presence is already missed, we're excited to have had Katharina training for six months in anticipation of his departure.

John, we wish you all the best in the next chapter of your life! You and Laura will always be a part of the Keystone family!

Below are a selection of photos taken at John's retirement celebration:

Photo of John and Laura at dinner. John is waring a dark v-neck sweater and smiling at the camera. Laura is wearing a patterned scarf and white sweater, and is smiling at John.

A look at the long table where the Keystone staff are gathered. John and Laura are sitting at the head of the table. On the side facing the camera are Mitake, Nancy, Kyle, Drea's husband, Katy, Marion, and Marion's husband. On the side closer to the camera are Brian with his wife, and Mark with his wife. The room has green textured paint, and a pair of wall lamps beside a convex round mirror.

Another view of the other end of the table, showing Tracey, Lee, George, John C and his wife, Katharina, Marion and her husband, and Katy. Food has just started arriving.

A photo of the menu, which everyone has signed for John. At the top, it reads Congratulations John Owen, then it lists the options for each course with Margeaux's logo at the bottom. The Keystone staff have written their congrats and well-wishes around the menu text in blue or black ink.



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