Join us June 21 @ 3 PM ET / Noon PMfor a KLASUsers' Roundtable offering an opportunity to meet your KDAC Reps, bring them your KLAS improvement suggestions, & more!

On Wednesday, June 21 at 3:00 PM Eastern / Noon Pacific we held our most recent KLAS Users' Roundtable: KDAC Q&A.

During this online session KLAS Users had opportunity to meet KLAS Development Advisory Committee (KDAC) representatives, ask them questions about being on the committee and / or how it operates, share ideas for improvements to KLAS, and more!

Current KDAC Members include:

  • Dan Malosh, Committee Chair, Minnesota Braille and Talking Book Library
  • Traci Timmons, KLAS Users' Group Officers' Liaison, Washington Talking Book and Braille Library
  • Barnaby Camp, Georgia Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled
  • Christina Quintana, Arizona Instructional Resource Center
  • Donald Salvato, Xavier Society for the Blind
  • Dorothy Hughes, Maryland School for the Blind
  • Jesse McGarity, Virginia Beach Public Library, Accessible Resources and Services
  • Pepper Watson, Oklahoma Accessible Instructional Materials Center
  • Sally Shreck, Maryland Instructional Resource Center
  • Sarah Smedley, Palm Beach County Library Talking Books
  • Zoelinna Schar, Nevada Talking Book Services

KLAS Users' Roundtable: KDAC Q&A Chat Transcript & Recording

Follow-up notes from Katy: The instructions for changing font size in KLAS are now available in the Knowledge Base!

However, to add or remove stopwords, you must contact customer support so that the appropriate indexing can be done after the change. Additionally, we believe all libraries are set up with the usual stopwords (a, an, the)--if that does not seem to be the case for your library, please contact customer support with example screenshots.

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