NLS Op-Alert 24-30: New Serials BFF4, MAG4, and JON4

2 months 4 weeks ago #1675 by patrick20k
We have added these for all Keystone-hosted customers. For self-hosted customers, please use the following information to add them to your serials module. Let us know if you have questions or need assistance!

Title: Best Friends
Magazine code: SER-BFF4
Frequency: BM/Bi-Monthly
Annotation: Best Friends magazine is the nation's most uplifting magazine for pet lovers. Full of engaging stories, happy tales of rescue and gorgeous photos, the magazine is the official publication of Best Friends Animal Society, a national nonprofit membership organization dedicated to saving the lives of homeless pets.
Caption: best-friends_@chron1@-@chron2@
  • Chron 1: 4-digit Year
  • Chron 2: Numeric Month

Title: Magnolia Journal
Magazine code: SER-MAG4
Frequency: Bi-monthly
Annotation: The Magnolia Journal is a quarterly magazine by Chip and Joanna Gaines containing inspiration for life and home. Useful as a resource and a guide to living well, the Magnolia Journal contains stories, recipes, tips, and useful information you will refer back to again and again.
Caption: magnolia-journal_@chron1@-@chron2@
  • Chron 1: 4-digit Year
  • Chron 2: Numeric Quarter

Title: Mother Jones
Magazine code: SER-JON4
Frequency: Bi-monthly
Annotation: Mother Jones is a nonprofit American progressive magazine that focuses on news, commentary, and investigative journalism on topics including politics, environment, human rights, health and culture.
Caption: mother-jones_@chron1@-@chron2@
  • Chron 1: 4-digit Year
  • Chron 2: Numeric Month

A document with screenshots and more information is available to download:

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