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I'd normally make a blog post about this, but since we're in the middle of our guest blog series (and I'd hate to delay any timely COVID info)... let's do this here!

SHELF is fully, officially back up (and improved!)
after our server issues earlier this year.

Unfortunately, for 7.6 users, SHELF will not be fully available until you upgrade--but you can upload your files to books.klas.com and we will routinely process them manually so they will be available to your own patrons. Then, once you upgrade to 7.7, the backlog will be made available to the other libraries, and you'll get caught up on the other libraries' titles.

For libraries on 7.7, the process is easier and more automated than ever. Check out the attached document for a full run-down of the process, but here's the overview:

Submitting Titles:
  1. Add a Monograph or Serial record for the new title and set the Title Status to “STS.”
  2. Using an FTP client, upload the file to books.klas.com, into the “shelf” folder.
  3. KLAS will create an EDoc for the new title overnight. At this point, the title is available to download through your OPAC or duplicate using a Scribe.
  4. The “STS” BibRecs are automatically exported to SHELF overnight. Once a title has been successfully submitted, the Title Status will change to Active in your catalog.

Receiving Titles:
  1. Once a week, new titles are automatically imported from the SHELF database. They can be downloaded through the OPAC or duplicated using a Scribe right away.
  2. All cataloguing should be in place, but to review and add Local Subjects if desired, Query for BibRecs with an Add Date of the most recent Friday.

If you're using a Scribe for duplication, I don't want you to miss this bit: all SHELF titles are available for Scribe duplication ASAP, with no additional work needed on your part!

For Gutenberg users, if you want to make SHELF titles available for duplication, the name given to the file in the authoring software will need to follow the usual conventions to match up with the KLAS catalog record and trigger the creation of an eDoc, plus you'll need to manually upload the file to your Gutenberg using NLS' process for local titles.

Finally, if you aren't using SHELF yet but want to make even more titles available to your patrons via duplication... it's never too late! Send an email to Customer Support for more info B)

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