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While the Scribe System already has a lot of great features, we felt that there was still room for improvement. Two issues that we specifically wanted to address were:


The NUC computers we were using as the brains of the Scribe System only have capacity for a portion of the Talking Book collection, and we found that not all libraries have the internet speed and bandwidth to reasonably download the books that were not included in the cache. We did everything possible to reduce the amount of downloading needed, but especially when it comes to serving walk-in patrons, it became clear that some libraries just need the whole collection to be stored locally.


We were also aware that not every location would need a 15-slot cartridge tower. Some libraries were interested in having a second duplication station at their front desk for walk-in convenience or even self-service, and the full tower would be much more than was actually needed. Additionally, there was interest in making duplication stations available at outreach centers or even public libraries, but again, these needed to be smaller and as foolproof as possible.

The Scribe Mini answers both of these issues!

An upgrade from the tiny NUC computers, a Scribe Mini is still much smaller than your standard workstation computer but has the capacity to store the full NLS collection plus local titles. On top of that, it has room in the case itself to host four onboard cartridge duplication slots plus LED indicators.

Because of this, the Scribe Mini can be used as a standalone duplication station! If the four cartridge slots aren’t enough, the Scribe Mini can also be used to pilot a 15-slot cartridge tower... or even two towers, for a grand total of 34 cartridge duplication slots!

A complete Scribe System will now include a Scribe Mini (instead of a NUC), a Scribe tower, and a barcode scanner.

The Details

Scribe System webThe Scribe Mini still requires internet access, but all book downloads will be performed overnight, keeping its local collection up-to-date automatically. During the day, the connection will be used to communicate with your KLAS database about Duplication Orders, and to receive the occasional software update from Keystone.

The Scribe Monitor web page will still be used to display real-time information about the system and the status of each cartridge slot (including the 4 onboard slots and 15 or 30 tower slots), accessible from wherever you are.

For more details and technical specifications, please review the updated Scribe Specs & Cost document available for download below.

Wait, did this delay...?

While we think this is an awesome new option, we understand that some of you may be concerned that we’ve spent time developing hardware instead of on a new feature you really need, or on getting your organization upgraded to version 7.7. But don’t worry—while we are a small company and projects inevitably cross departmental lines, the new Scribe Mini was developed by different people than the ones working on other high-priority projects. Work on this new Scribe hardware did not delay your upgrade or new feature.

So how do I get one?

One Scribe Mini is included as part of each library’s free Scribe System. (If you have already received a Scribe system with a NUC, you may contact us to discuss whether you need an upgrade.) Additional Scribe Minis, Scribe towers, and complete Scribe Systems may be purchased; please see the latest Scribe Specs & Cost document for pricing information. Note that there is a price increase due to the additional hardware costs.

The Scribe Mini and Scribe towers are assembled in-house, but once ordered, we will build them as quickly as we can get the parts in (and without pulling people off of other projects).

Let us know if we should plan to build a Scribe Mini for your library!

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