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Per the KLAS Users' Group Bylaws, upon the vacancy of an officer position an election must be held to replace the officer. As such, we are now conducting an election for the office of Vice President of the KLAS Users' Group. Please meet your candidate for the open Users' Group Vice President position, Maureen Dorosinski!

A link to vote for Vice President will be sent to each KLAS organization / library's designated representative in the near future.

KLAS Users' Group Vice President Candidate

Maureen Dorosinski, Librarian / Production Supervisor, Florida Bureau of Braille and Talking Book Library Services

Biography: My name is Maureen Dorosinski, I am the Librarian and Production Supervisor at the Florida regional library, and head of the recording studio since 2015. I use all modules of KLAS: Administration, Patron, Catalog, Equipment, and Serials. I am the lead in coordinating the Florida Duplication on Demand changeover and am gaining a greater understanding of what makes a successful Dup on Demand program.

I am part of the NLS Subject Heading working group, and I am expanding our program offerings, including an Early Literacy Program.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism with and External Specialty of Theatre from Michigan State University, and a Master of Science in Library and Information Studies from Florida State University. I specialized in Youth and Reference Services, with a certificate in Youth Services. Native American Studies is a passion. I have a background in radio.

I love running and crafts and can be found in a thrift shop on the weekends.

Statement of Goals: To be part of a solution that helps us manage and keep up with the incoming new MARC records from NLS, while a cooperative solution to challenges such as DBC subject headings, commercial audiobooks, and incorporating Rating Unrated Books.

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