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  • Online Content Round-Up

    Since this is an off-year between KLAS Users' Group Conferences (and what good timing that was!), we've been working with the Programming Committee and your fellow users to bring you periodic online content to help keep you connected and tide us all over to the next conference.

    We hope this is a good opportunity for folks who can't usually attend the conferences to get a taste of them, and that they've helped you keep up-to-date and involved. But to make sure we're succeeding--and to get even better--we need to hear from you!

    If you haven't yet taken the KLAS Users' Online Programming Survey, please take a few minutes to provide your feedback. It's incredibly valuable, and will help bring you even better online content in the future. We've done our best to keep the survey short and sweet, and it'll inform not only our Fall programming, but maybe even online offerings at future in-person conferences!

    Of course, if you have more opinions on the matter than you can fit into the survey, we're always happy to add more voices to the Programming Committee. As Erin says in her invitation for new members, "Being a part of a conference planning committee is a terrific way of getting to know other colleagues and putting a voice to the names!" If you're interested, or just want more info, shoot an email to .

    Finally, you know what one of the best things is about online content? That you can always catch up after the fact!

    So if you've finished the survey and still find yourself with a little down-time, make sure you're logged in and then follow these links to catch up on what you've missed:

    • 5/19/2020 Online KLAS Users' Meetings (Includes links to the Overview of Keystone Systems Updates, KLAS Updates & New Featuresfor Talking Book Libraries, and KLAS Updates & New Features for Instructional Resource Centers sessions)
    • 04-23-20 KLAS IRC Users' Roundtable
    • 03-19-2020 KLAS Users Roundtable: Duplication on Demand
    • 02-20-20 KLAS Q&A with Katy Recording

  • Workshops & Seminars & General Sessions - OH MY!

    Workshops & Seminars & General Sessions - OH MY!

    The KLAS Program Committee has been hard at work and has a new, freshly updated Overview Schedule for the 2019 KLAS Users' Conference ready for you. This is still a draft schedule but has several changes from the version published two weeks ago.

    So, how did the committee get here and what do they still have to do?

    Here's a brief look at our 2019 KLAS Users' Conference Program Committee Planning Timeframe...


    • Establish Committee
    • Set meeting schedule & expectations
    • Begin reviewing feedback from the previous conference


    • Publish initial Overview Schedule with conference framework with no specific session topics or speakers based on info from the site visit, logistics committee, etc.
    • Send out a call for proposals
    • Continue reviewing feedback from the previous conference


    • Continue reviewing feedback from the previous conference
    • Review session proposals as they are received
    • Identify / discuss other possible session topics


    • Finalize list of session topics based on conference feedback, proposals received & ideas presented by committee members
    • Slate session topics based on the type of session
    • Publish updated Overview Schedule with slated session topics


    • Review & Update Overview Schedule document
    • Assign committee member liaison for sessions
    • Refine session titles & descriptions
    • Recruit additional moderators / presenters


    • Continue refining session titles & descriptions
    • Publish the first draft of the conference agenda
    • Communicate deadlines to moderators / presenters


    • Continue communicating with moderators / presenters
    • Review / update Agenda as needed


    • Publish finalized Agenda document
    • Send out presentation template
    • Collect presentations for publication


    • Conference!

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