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3 weeks 1 day ago #1234 by dylcalhoon
Good afternoon!

We've had a few patrons ask if there is any way to jump to a certain page in their results when searching the webopac catalog. We have not found a way that allows us to add specific page buttons or drop-down list to get to certain pages. Would that be a feature any other libraries would like to see?

We did notice that after you go to the second page of results the web address changes,

Page one looks like this: kstb.klas.com/search/search.jsf?q=western
Page two looks like this: kstb.klas.com/search/search.jsf?p=1&q=western&i=_text_&s=score&l=false&f=&mc=0

The 'p=1' reflects the page you are on, past the first page of results. So, p=1 and you are on page 2, p=49 and you are on page 50. You can change this and jump to whatever page of results you want. That is one way around the problem but not user friendly at all. thanks!


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