Best Method for Bulk Adding Subscriptions

2 months 1 week ago #1583 by patrick20k
With the BARD / PIMMS integration on the horizon, I hear a lot of you are adding a whole bunch of DDB9 subscriptions.

While a function to batch subscribe patrons is on the wishlist, the most efficient way to do this in the meantime is from the Serials module Subscribers tab.

First, you'll want to Export your list of patrons, so you have a list of the Patron IDs for everyone you want to subscribe. If you have a list from NLS (and your Patron IDs are the same as the PIMMS Circulation IDs), you can work off of that.

Next, pull up the Serials module and move to the Subscribers tab. There, you can Add New Record (Ctrl-n), type in or copy/paste (Ctrl-c, Ctrl-v) the Patron ID, and Save (Ctrl-s). 

This still has you adding the subscriptions one-by-one, but because you don't need to change records between each one, it's a quick and efficient way of working through a list--especially once you get the keyboard shortcuts down.

I hope this tip helps speed things up for you! More BARD / PIMMS tips and info to come, so stay tuned 

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