Add/Remove Patron Preferences with Import/Query Sets

1 year 3 months ago #1458 by dmalosh
I have been making a lot of Subject headings changes. The Cataloging module's Change Headings - Query Set (under Tools) has become my BFF. It expedites the process of adding/removing subjects to/from books by letting me work with large groups of titles. But as I work on subjects I increasingly find a need for handling the patron Likes/Dislikes tied to these subjects.

For example, I'd love to split our ugly composite subject "Biography - Politicians Spies & Generals" into three different subjects.  The trouble is the Likes/Dislikes.  I could merge the Likes/Dislikes into one of the newly created subjects but the other two would need to be manually added.  If I could siphon those patrons into an import query and add those Likes/Dislikes into 3 mini batches it would save a lot of time.

Could a tool similar to Change Headings - Query Set be added to the Patron Module that allows us to import a list of patrons and then choose the from the following Actions...?
  • Add - Exclusions-Yes
  • Add - Exclusions-No
  • Remove - Exclusions-Yes
  • Remove - Exclusions-No
NOTE: I am conflicted as to whether or not the "remove" options need the exclusions qualifier; maybe we just need one "Remove" option.

Would anyone else find a tool like this helpful?


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1 year 3 months ago #1460 by maureen
Hello Dan!

Yes, it would be helpful.

We're doing the same thing in Florida. Yesterday I had a discussion with Nancy when I was also trying to wrangle the columns in the headings and reconciling the active. I will include what she said in your other thread on Patron Preferences Clean-up if anyone else would find it helpful in the meantime while KLAS considers.

A few years ago, I wanted to separate a few subject headings, but was daunted about how to make sure we used the new heading efficiently. I discussed the topic again recently with our Reader Services Supervisor, and she said she was happy for the improvements, and would handle patrons on a case-by-case basis if they called.
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