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3 years 2 months ago #1035 by patrick20k
Did you know that you can add a comment to an entire query set of patrons all at once? This is a new feature from a recent update, and I think it'll come in very handy. B)

To access the tool, you will need to be in a Query Set. If you have a list of patrons to work with, copy their Patron IDs into a .txt file and use Import Query Set to bring the list into KLAS. Otherwise, any Query will do, whether you use the main Query function or any of the pre-defined queries under the Queries menu. You can even merge queries and use the resulting merged set!

Once you have a Query Set open, launch the "Batch Add Comment" tool from the Patron module's Tools menu. Or, if you'll be making batch updates to those patrons' Profile settings as well, the same functions in the Batch Add Comment tool are now available in the Batch Profile Update tool as well.

For the comments to add, you have three fields available: Subject, Type, and Note. "Type" is a controlled field, meaning that you can only select from a list of pre-set types. You are welcome to add to this list at any time, though--just let us know what new Type or Types you want to add, and we'll get them into your list.

In the dedicated Batch Add Comment tool, you'll also need to enter an Error Email, which is where you will receive a report if KLAS is unable to add the comment to certain records. Finally, you can choose whether to Add Notes Now, or if you are acting on a large number of records and don't want to wait for KLAS to finish, Add Notes Later to push the job into the Batch Manager. If you choose this option, you'll be able to schedule the job to run immediately, or at a set time and date in the future (such as overnight on a weekend.

Any questions about adding comments? Have you used this new tool? Let us know!
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3 years 1 month ago #1041 by michael_lang
Replied by michael_lang on topic Batch Add Comments
Just used it! I'm in LOVE :woohoo:

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