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10 months 6 days ago #1576 by patrick20k
Hello, folks! We've had a couple cases now where libraries discovered that one or more titles on a cartridge was corrupted.

When this occurs, the Scribe believes that it has loaded the all the titles and it is able to check out the order, so it gives you a green light. However, a player will report one (or potentially more) fewer titles than were expected. We have not had this reported by any of the Gutenberg libraries; it is possible that the Gutenberg's cartridge checking procedure is able to catch them before they go out, but I can't guarantee it.

We believe we have traced this issue back to bad cartridges. In particular, it is re-purposed white cartridges, with cartridge codes starting EB, and particularly the lower numbers. If you are sorting out cartridges to return to NLS, we'd recommend you send the EB cartridges back for recycling.

If any of your patrons report or suspect a missing title, please:
  1. Put a Circulation Alert on the order (Orders tab, select the order, Functions menu, Duplication Orders, Set Circulation Alert) with the DB# of the missing title. 
  2. When the cartridge is returned, plug it into a workstation and check the folder for the missing title. If it looks like it belongs on an alien computer in a sci-fi movie, that's a corrupted title.
  3. Report the Order Number, KLAS ID, and the cartridge code back to us () so we can continue tracking this issue.
Thanks everyone! Here's hoping this issue remains pretty isolated.

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