Mixed-up Series?

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Mixed-up Series? was created by patrick20k
Once a patron has a Preference for a particular series, Nightly will make sure that they only get the books in that series in the correct order. Otherwise, though, the other Nightly programs don't pay attention to the series sequence.

This is something we hope to improve in the future--we know it's irritating for many patrons! Unfortunately, that's much easier said than done.

In the meantime, I've heard that NLS is sometimes adding series books in blocks, which then end up on patrons' service queues all together (even though the patron may have no interest in the series) and out of order. 

When you spot that, here's a tip for getting it "cleaned up" fast!

1. Fill in gaps.
If books 3-6, 9, and 10 were added, you'll probably need to use Book Search to make sure the patron has had books 1 and 2, and add them if they haven't.

2. Delete outliers.
In the above example, books 9 and 10 can probably be dropped from the queue. If the patron enjoys books 1-6, hopefully they'll request the full series to get the rest in order automatically. (Use the Delete Record button or Ctrl+D to delete a selected Service Queue entry.)

3. Shuffle the queue.
In the functions menu, select Service Queue - Shuffle Queue. This will randomly rearrange ALL titles in the service queue, but with books in a series in sequence with each other. So the 6 books in our example series will be in order, but scattered through the queue, instead of all in a row. 

Learn more about how the shuffle function works in the " Shuffle the Deck " blog post!

Finally, shout out to user Allie Lovette, who brought up this tip in our recent New Features webinar ! Thanks, Allie 

Anyone else have tips they'd like to share for wrangling series with Duplication?

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