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Do you know what to do about stale eDocs? 

They're not past their "best by" date--they're eDocs for which the sync program can no longer find a matching file. Any time the sync turns up some stale eDocs, it should send you (or a KLAS admin at your library) an email with a list of everything it couldn't find the match for.

1. What if we aren't getting the email?
If no one at your library seems to be getting these emails, let us know! It's possible there just hasn't been anything to be report, but we're happy to double check. We want to be sure you know of any issues the sync is trying to tell you about.

2. What do we do about them?
If you get a list of stale eDocs, you should always give them a quick review. If you expect the file to reappear (for example, if it's a local title and you're in the process of swapping it out for an edited version), you don't need to do anything. When the new match is made, KLAS will update the eDoc and remove the title from the stale list.
However, if you don't expect the file to come back (for example, if it's a back-issue of a local serial that you no longer wish to distribute), you need to delete the eDoc from the title's catalog or serial record. This is done on the eDoc tab, using the standard Delete Record button at the bottom of the screen. 

3. What if the list is way too long to evaluate? Like, maybe my entire catalog long?
This is exactly why KLAS doesn't just delete the stale eDocs automatically! If you've lost communication with your file storage (either your Gutenberg or books.klas.com for Scribe), you don't want your whole catalog of eDocs to be removed, just to need to rebuild them all the next day. 
If your list of stale eDocs is suspiciously long, contact us. We can re-run the sync program and keep an eye to make sure it completes correctly. 

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