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When MARC records are loaded, the system checks the 775 MARC tag for documentation on how the loaded title is related to other titles in the database. If there is a relationship, and the other title exists, a link between the two titles is automatically added. Additional links are noted if either of the directly related titles are linked to anything else.

Sometimes mistakes happen.

Case in point. DB048089 and RC048089 (Been in the storm so long, by Leon F Litwak) has a 775 tag indicating it is a re-record of RC018427. If you look up that record, you see that it is "Family under the bridge" by Natalie Savage Carlson. It was actually recorded as RC/DB 48442.

As a result, you'll see links on DB048442 to RC048442, RC/DB 18427 AND RC/DB 48089

To fix this, you'll need to:
- find the record that started the problem - in this case both RC048089 and DB048089
- Go to the MARC tab, update the record, click on the 775 tag with the incorrect rerecord information and delete that tag. (This will keep the links from being reformed.)
- Go to the Links tab. Delete all existing links. If one says (no direct), use the Add button to add a link for that title, so you can then delete it.
- Once the link list is empty, double check the other titles involved. Make sure they aren't linked incorrectly.
- When you are satisfied that all stray links are fixed, you can manually add the correct links to the correct title.

If you need any assistance with this, please contact Keystone Customer Support at

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