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4 years 8 months ago #249 by Nancy
In the 10/15 set of New MARC records, NLS included 126 titles in a series "Very Short Introductions." There were also a number of these titles in the 10/01 file and a Voyager search for this series shows more titles in production that do not yet have a DB number assigned. As a result, libraries have been asking Keystone about the possibility of automatically linking these particular titles to a particular series code.

KLAS does have the ability to read the series information from the NLS MARC record and use that to create a series entry, along with the series sequence. The process to set up the automatic linking, including mapping existing series to the list of NLS series and maintaining the MARC data, is labor intensive. As a result, we do charge a one-time fee to automate the series import. It also is not a perfect solution, and requires continual monitoring and updates on the part of the library. If you are interested in this, please let us know.

In this specific situation for those libraries who are not already getting the automated series information, we can set up a special MARC source that will create the series information for the records loaded using that source. Once the source is set up, the MARC records for the books in the "Very Short Introductions" series would need to be reloaded. Note, you would not want to just reload the NEW MARC files as this will also create series entries for other titles in the file (about a dozen in the 10/15 file) that would need to get cleaned up. Setting up the source will take time, so we will only do this for libraries that specifically ask for this assistance. Please email your request to

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