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4 years 8 months ago #223 by temmons2016
Guys, I am asking and hopefully somebody here can and will chime in with more details, but I asked about adding the dbC records to Klas. Are they added and do I just need to make copies available to show as download only in the catalog or do they have to be entered on that end. Again, I have quite a few and went to put one in experimentally and it says of course, nothing has that call number assigned to it or whatever. so, just curious as to what’s going on to get those to show up. Thanks.

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4 years 8 months ago #224 by aravenholt
Replied by aravenholt on topic DBC titles question
For DBCs produced by other states, we asked to have the MARC records added to KLAS automatically, along with the rest of the new books from NLS.* I think each library told Keystone whether or not you wanted DBC records in your catalog for books from other libraries. If you only want some DBC records, but not others, you might have to do that manually on your end.

DBC MARC records come in with the Title Status "Download Only," which we have set to display in our OPAC. If DO books are not displaying in your catalog, and your library wants them to, you can have Keystone change that setting for you.

For the books we record here, we add a record when we buy the book, and mark it "In Process." We also display all IP books in our OPAC. This gives patrons a chance to request them early, instead of having to remember later that they wanted that book. That's a judgement call, and some libraries do not display books unless they have copies.

The other place it might get complicated is what happens to the DBC books that your library is producing. I know there was a problem with our books being "Active" in the catalog after we added copies, then when the MARC records were imported (after the book was posted to BARD), the status got changed to something else. I complained to Keystone, and they found the setting that was causing the problem. Now new MARC records do not overwrite Title Status for our books that have copies.

*Some MARC records were just plain missing from our database--both DBC and some DB. Usually you think "Oh, it will show up in the next MARC upload," but occasionally they don't. When I notice that we are missing records (they show up in the BARDLoad error reports), I report those book numbers to Keystone and they retrieve the MARC records for us. I don't see a pattern, so I can't tell if NLS didn't post the MARC record, Keystone missed it, or someone here deleted it.

Since different libraries can have their catalogs set up different ways, it's hard to say for sure what is going on. I hope our experience was helpful.
Washington Talking Book & Braille Library

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4 years 8 months ago #231 by massbibliophile
Replied by massbibliophile on topic DBC titles question
Yes, if your library has elected to do so, Keystone uploads them as part of the MARC loads each month. You would just need to add copies for those that you have copies. We just leave them as Download Only until a patron asks for one.

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4 years 8 months ago #233 by tkalber
Replied by tkalber on topic DBC titles question
Do you use the KLAS MARC record overlay feature? If so, you can download a file from the Network Library Services Website (aka PICS) that includes all the recently added DBC titles. You may need to have Keystone set-up your system for those specific records.

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