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One of D.J. MacHale's books is in the catalog under two different titles and KLAS IDs: Surrender the Key (DB117138) and Curse of the Boggin: The Library (DB085760).

The newer version is based on a reprint, which included a new foreword by the author introducing the series and characters. NLS has decided to remove the earlier version (DB085760) from their catalog, and add the alternate title to their record for "Surrender the Key" for searching purposes. However, because the record has already gone out in a Completed file, we don't expect that change to be pushed out to the libraries.

What to do about it:

Gutenberg libraries should Withdraw the earlier version from their catalogs. Scribe libraries can choose whether to Withdraw it or continue to offer it as an alternative (but the two versions have the same narrator, so I would recommend going ahead and Withdrawing it). 

Either way, you should: 
  • Link the titles, with DB085760 "reissued as" DB117138.
  • Add (See: DB117138) or similar to the title of DB085760.
  • Add "Reissued as Surrender the Key (DB117138)" or similar to the annotation of DB085760.
  • Add the alternate title "Curse of the Boggin: The Library" to the MARC for DB117138: 
    =246  3\$aCurse of the Boggin :$bThe Library
  • Add "Previously published as Curse of the Boggin." or similar to the annotation of DB117138.
To Withdraw DB085760:
  • Use the Patrons with Queued Title report (patron module - reports - items and titles) to find any patrons with this title in their Service Queue or in a pending Duplication Order; remove it, and where appropriate, replace it with DB117138.
  • Set the Title Status to "Withdrawn"
  • Mark the OPAC Suppressed checkbox
  • Remove all Subject Headings
  • Delete the ePackage and then the eDoc 
For more information on Withdrawing catalog records, please see this article on Withdrawn Titles

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