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4 months 6 days ago #1639 by patrick20k
The MARC record for DB112416 has a code of WESFAF as one of the 072 codes, which usually translates as a Western. This title is The Queen of Paris: a novel of Coco Chanel, which doesn't look like a Western in the traditional sense.

It doesn't have an eDoc yet, so you have a little time before it starts going out to review the title and remove the Western subject heading and 072 if desired. 

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3 weeks 2 days ago #1679 by jenr
Replied by jenr on topic DB112416 Subject check
Oops! Wish I'd seen this earlier -- had a patron complain about getting this book last week ("I only like Westerns and you sent me some book about a lady making perfume?!"). So the 072 codes over-rule our local cataloging? I think maybe I/we need some training on how the cataloging works.

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3 weeks 2 days ago #1682 by massbibliophile
There is an 072 for WESFAF, but your guess is as good as mine as to why NLS used it.

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