Caballo de Troya series and the Title field

8 months 1 day ago #1589 by Katharina
Are you getting all the right subtitle and series info appended to your titles?

KLAS can combine several MARC tag subfields to create a nicely formatted title with all the info you need at a glance. We have found that NLS is sometimes putting info in additional 245 subfields that may not be loading for everyone.

For example, we had a recent report of a Spanish-language series with the individual book names and sequences in subfields n and p, with the series in subfield a. This means that, for libraries without all the subfields in the filter setup, the book loaded without all the information in the title.
(For the libraries getting the additional series cataloging service I'll be updating the title fields after the next MARC load. Everyone else can find the reference info at the end of this post.) 

A couple titles you can check:
  • DBG18320 should have "Irland-Trilogie. 1, Töchter des Feuers" (or some combination of the three pieces of information)
  • DB112476 should have both "Dune" and "The heir of Caladan" in the title
If those titles have all the info (and you're happy with the way it's combined), you're all set! If you only have the series name in either title, let us know so we can change your setup. Please note, if we do change your filters, it's not retro-active and won't apply to your existing catalog. However, it will ensure that new titles are loaded in correctly.

Recommended Caballo de Troya series titles:
DBG17328 Caballo de Troya: Jerusalén. 1
DBG17329 Caballo de Troya: El día del relámpago. 10
DBG17330 Caballo de Troya: Masada. 2
DBG17331 Caballo de Troya: Saidan. 3
DBG17332 Caballo de Troya: Nazaret. 4
DBG17333 Caballo de Troya: Cesarea. 5
DBG17334 Caballo de Troya: Hermón. 6
DBG17335 Caballo de Troya: Jordán. 8
DBG17383 Caballo de Troya: Nahum. 7

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