August NEW File 2 corrections / things to check

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The August NEW File 2 is being added to the MARC Records Corrections page today, and I wanted to share a couple notes in a bit more detail (as well as pointing them out to Keystone-hosted folks).

First: DB 115512 was originally listed as a Becky Wade book (which is already in the collection as DB105186). It has been corrected to be by Heather Webber as part of the Lucy Valentine series, but should probably be double checked if the file had already been loaded.
(For Keystone-hosted folks, I'm sure Katharina has checked this for you, and you can consider this more of an FYI.)

Second: Blake, Olivie - The Atlas Six - DB107408 vs DB105936 
  • the 105936 title is an APH recording with a Female Narrator
  • the 107408 title is a commercial recording with a male narrator and a British accent
To ensure that preferences for the Atlas Series function (and to prevent patrons from getting both regardless of selection method), you need to link the titles. 

If both titles are available and catalogued as the same series sequence, KLAS should default to sending the latest KLAS ID (107408, the commercial version). If you would prefer it to send the other, you may want to remove the Series info from the 107408 version, and add a "See DB105936" note to the Title and/or Annotation. I will note that book 2 in this series appears to be a multi-narrator commercial recording--so starting patrons with the commercial version may be the way to go, but I know the accent may make it less desirable for some readers.

Finally, there is also a Braille version of this title, BR024501, so that should probably be linked as well.

To link titles: 
  1. From either DB version of the title, use the Functions menu to select LinkTitle.
  2. Add a Record (Ctrl-a) and enter the KLAS ID of the other version.
  3. Set the Link Type to Rerecorded As (if you are starting with the earlier version) or Rerecording Of (if you are starting with the later version).
  4. Save (Ctrl-s).
  5. Add another Record and enter the KLAS ID of the Braille version.
  6. Set the Link Type to Alternate Format Of. Save.
Let us know if you have any questions!
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