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1 year 4 weeks ago #1477 by kate kosior
We are running across a large number of records that are fiction but still have some sort of non-fiction subject code entered.  Think for instance of historical fiction with an added subject code of History - United States.  Is there any way to do a query to pull up all our records that have been marked fiction and non fiction, even though the non fiction tags vary?

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1 year 4 weeks ago #1478 by massbibliophile
You could query for each heading, while also querying for the fiction check box. It would mean a lot of queries though.

Heading Type Begins Subject
Heading Full Desc Equals <insert full description>
Heading Code Equeals <code>
BibRec Fiction Equals True

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1 year 4 weeks ago #1479 by patrick20k
Replied by patrick20k on topic Fiction AND Non Fiction
Give this a shot:
Advanced Search
  • BibRec - Fiction - Equals - Yes
  • Heading - Type - Begins - Subj
  • Heading - Code - In - 900,900W,970,970NA
For the list in the last line, include whatever common non-fiction subjects you want to check. I pulled your subject codes for History & Geography, History - World, History - North America, and History - Native American, and got 87 hits. Once you're in the query set, you can use the Next button to browse through the records and determine whether the fiction box needs to be un-marked, or if the non-fiction subjects should be removed. 

And of course, you can also reverse the query, searching for Fiction = No, and listing some common fiction codes (Fiction, Literature, Historical Fiction, Mystery, and Bestseller Fiction might be a good start). 
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