To delete or not delete - catalogue titles

5 years 9 months ago #164 by Nancy
As you are clearing out your cassette inventory, you may be tempted to delete the title, once you no longer have any copies associated with it. I would advise against this practice. My reasons:

1. Circulation statistics - the reports in KLAS check to see if a title is deleted prior to returning the circulation figures. If you've deleted the title, you won't see any circulations for that title.

2. Linked Titles / HasHads / Series selections - The RC and DB versions of titles are linked, so that a HasHad for one version counts as a HasHad for the other. The series selection process includes a check to make sure the title isn't deleted. If you delete an RC series title, the HasHads for that title will no longer be counted as a HasHad for the series, which will prompt the series program to assign that title (in the DB format) to your patron.

Bottom line - it's fine and even expected that you'll purge out your copies and items, but you should keep the titles in the catalogue. If you have a the new version of WebOPAC, you can use the title status of Withdrawn to keep the title from showing up in WebOPAC. (If you're still running the old version of WebOPAC, you'd want to check the OpacSuppress box while you're updating the title.)

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