Duplicate Catalog Record: Filthy Animals

2 months 4 days ago #1394 by patrick20k
Another title with an extra DB number has been reported: DB 106448 may also be in your catalog as DB 108624. 

Do you have the extra record in KLAS? If so, here's our recommended actions:

In Catalog
1. Use the Functions - ReIssue tool to ReIssue DB108624 as DB106448.
  • Link Type: ReIssue; add "See" to old title; suppress WebOPAC listing of old title.
2. Set the Title Status of DB108624 to "Withdrawn" and remove all Subject Headings.
3. If it has not circulated already, you can choose to delete DB108624. However, it should not be deleted if it is In Circulation for any patrons, and deleting it would remove any circulation statistics for the title.

In Patron
1. Use the Reports - Items & Titles - Patrons with Queued Title report to find any patrons with DB108624 in their Service Queue or pending Duplication Orders. 
2. For any Service Queues with the withdrawn title, either select and delete it, or use the Sanitize function to remove it without needing to find it in the list. Consider adding DB106448 to replace it.
3. For any Duplication Orders with the withdrawn title:
  • Cancel the order
  • Return titles to Service Queue
  • Sanitize Queue or find and delete the withdrawn title
  • Recreate the order with DB106448, or make a new order to replace it

Want more information on handling withdrawn titles, or why I recommend these steps? Check out this  article on Withdrawn Titles  .

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2 months 2 days ago #1401 by kate kosior
Katy, when we go to change the book record, which DB number do we call up first for the reissue? This is something that I always overthink till I can't figure out what to do. :) Figured I'd better ask before I got it backwards.

Thank you!

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1 month 3 weeks ago #1406 by patrick20k
Thanks for asking!
In the Reissue tool, you have a Find field for the Old KLAS ID and the New KLAS ID. You want to put the title to Withdraw in the "old" field, and the one to keep using in the "new" field.
In this case, DB108624 is the "old" KLAS ID (even though it's the larger number), and 106448 is the "new" KLAS ID.

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