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2 weeks 3 days ago - 2 weeks 3 days ago #1324 by kate kosior
The question has come up in our staff meeting about how to catalogue "Superheroes" as a possible subject heading.  Do other libraries do this?  We've had patrons ask about these types of books, and typically they are found under fantasy or sci fi, but the reader advisors typically have to do a little digging to find them and type in the actual names like Superman or Batman versus just "superheroes".  

Does anyone have a bibliography?  And do you use "Superheroes" as a subject code?

I do know how to add the subject code, for the record, more asking what other libraries do with this type of material.

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2 weeks 14 hours ago - 2 weeks 13 hours ago #1328 by massbibliophile
We don't have one for Superheros -- just heroes <smile>. This is an existing LC subject heading, so I searched for it and then built a query set. I used the Change Headings tool to add the heading to those titles. As of today, have 81 records for it. Edit: I have included a list of the KLAS IDs. I removed the large print and cassette records, so it is about 65 records.  

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