Duplicate Catalog Record: Robert B. Parker's Revelation

10 months 3 weeks ago #1267 by patrick20k
We've identified a duplicate title that has been Withdrawn by NLS and is no longer available on BARD or Gutenberg duplication.

This is a series book, so you want to make sure the Series Heading is removed from the title record. Otherwise, patrons can get "stuck" on that sequence number and receive multiple copies of the other Book 9! (If you have us maintain your Series for you, we've already taken care of this part.)

The title is:
DB098359 Robert B. Parker's Revelation (Duplicate of DB088150)

Recommended steps for Withdrawing a duplicate book:

In Catalog
1. Use the Functions - ReIssue tool to ReIssue DB098359 as DB088150.
  • Link Type: ReIssue; add "See" to withdrawn title; suppress WebOPAC listing of withdrawn title.
2. Set the Title Status of DB098359 to "Withdrawn" and remove all Subject Headings and the Series heading (if present).
3. If it has not circulated already, you can choose to delete DB098359. However, it should not be deleted if it is In Circulation for any patrons, and deleting it would remove any circulation statistics for the title.

In Patron
1. Use the Reports - Items & Titles - Patrons with Queued Title report to find any patrons with DB098359 in their Service Queue or pending Duplication Orders. 
2. For any Service Queues with the withdrawn title, either select and delete it, or use the Sanitize function to remove it without needing to find it in the list. Consider adding DB088150 to replace it.
3. For any Duplication Orders with the withdrawn title:
  • Cancel the order
  • Return titles to Service Queue
  • Sanitize Queue or find and delete the withdrawn title
  • Recreate the order with DB088150, or make a new order to replace it

For more information on handling withdrawn titles, or why I recommend these steps, check out this  article on Withdrawn Titles  .

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