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2 weeks 4 days ago #1236 by Nancy
As you may (or may not) be aware, Keystone is able to set up automatically generating series information based on the MARC data that NLS provides.  To take advantage of this, we map your existing series to our set of series descriptions and codes, and we maintain those moving forward.  In my cleanup recently, I've found some interesting things that libraries who maintain their own series might like to take advantage of.

A dog's purpose - NLS has tagged a number of titles as "a dog's purpose novels".  Some of these are Spanish language, and others are a juvenile series.  Both of these should be given a separate series title/code.

Beautiful - One series is by McGuire, the other by Ahdieh
Guardian - one series by Robards, the other by Abramson
Vanished - one series by Cooper, the other by Griffith

I also found several series where the Spanish language version was included in the English language title, so I separated those out as well.  I've attached my two files - one a list of IDs for Import query set, and another a text list of my series updates that you can use for your information.

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