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3 months 1 week ago #1194 by massbibliophile
There are two narrators where NLS has put a note for both Male Narrator and Female Narrator. 

Grosland, Emmett should be Male Narrator
Harrison, B. J. should be Male Narrator

I used the Change Headings tool to add the appropriate Subject Heading.

Please feel free to add any others you are aware of to this thread.


James Gleason

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3 months 1 week ago #1195 by SamLundberg
Replied by SamLundberg on topic Narrator/Gender Heading
This does bring up the issue of non-binary narrators. Em Grosland uses both he/him and they/them, so Male Narrator is appropriate, but I'm sure there are voice actors for whom neither label is appropriate. (Incidentally, Em is the narrator for A Psalm for the Wild-Built, which is the book equivalent of a warm cup of tea on a rainy day and I recommend it highly.)

Do any libraries maintain a Non-Binary Narrator heading? Or do you not include either? Does anyone have a good standard operating procedure here?

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3 months 4 days ago #1196 by massbibliophile
As with so many things in life, "it's complicated." These two headings exist because patrons with hearing loss sometimes can't hear voices of a certain type as well (or at all) as others. NLS' solution was to create these two headings to use as an exclusion. I can honestly say; I have no idea what would be sued instead of male or female. "Low" or "high" doesn't work but is getting there.

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