The Mosquito - Catalog Clean-up Task

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The Mosquito was originally listed as DB096927, but changed to DB096161.

You probably have a catalog record for The Mosquito under both KLAS IDs. To remove the incorrectly numbered record from your catalog:

1. Find DB096161 to see if you have the record under the new number. If not, you can change the KLAS ID on the old record to the correct number instead of deleting it. (But you probably have both records.)

2. Find DB096927, the record to delete.

3. Use Tools > Change KLAS ID to add an x to the end of the book number. This will allow 96927 to be re-used if NLS gives that number to a different title.

4. Check the Requests tab.
  • If there are no requests, continue to step 5.
  • If there are requests, use the Reissue function to move them to DB096161.

5. Check the Items tab.
  • If no copies of this item have been made, continue to step 6.
  • If there are any copies, contact Customer Support to move them to the new ID.

6. Delete the catalog record for DB096927x.

If you would like any assistance, just let us know!
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