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1 year 6 months ago #779 by patrick20k
Hello, KLAS users!

We've heard that there's a discussion on the LBPH Listserve about the top-circulating Titles across the network.

That isn't something we could easily pull up--even among Keystone-Hosted customers, all of your data is kept seperate from each other for your security and your patrons' privacy. Plus, even if we ran the reports for each of you, we aren't sure the best way to combine the data so that the larger libraries don't eclipse the smaller ones.

So, we'll be leaving this in your hands, but we are happy to help facilitate it! Here's how to check your most popular books of 2019 (or whenever):

  1. In the Catalog Module, use the Reports Menu to open the HD Titles - Circulation report.
  2. Instead of filling in the begin and end circ dates, select the Time Period "CY2019-Calendar - 2019" (or whichever statistical period you want to check).
  3. For Medium, select Digital Book. If desired, hold down Ctrl and select Braille and/or any other desired media. Leave Circ Type as "Tracked."
  4. Use the Mimimun # Circ field to restrict your results. The report isn't written to give you the "top 10," but if you have a feel for what constitutes "a lot" of circulations for your library, fill it in to get the top contenders.
    (Not sure? Pull up a recent James Patterson, go to the Statistics tab, and check the circulations for CY2019. That'll help you set a reasonable benchmark.)
  5. Either Run the report, or switch the Output to Email and Run As Batch Job.

As a note, the Sort By: # Circulations option does not appear to be working... we've let Development know, but in the meantime, you can import the report data to Excel and sort it there.

So what are your Top Titles of 2019? We'd love for you to share them here! Please copy and paste your Top 10 here, and if you'd like to share a Top 100, feel free to attach the saved report!

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1 year 6 months ago - 1 year 6 months ago #780 by NC-Craig
We this same process, as mentioned by Katy, to get our monthly top 10 list (called the 10 most wanted books) each month that we provide on our WordPress blog, that feeds the website and social media. We've been running this report for about the last 6+ years. We run the HD-Titles report each month before we load the BARD circs, to get the books that circulate directly from the library (either physical or duplicated). We pull the report using the last month numbers, selecting braille, digital book and large type and enter in a minimum circ number usually around 30. This is because typically the top 10 is above that number. The reason we do this is so that we don't pull in BARD numbers intentionally. This is just for something more interesting than the conglomeration of all books that circulated each month (that include BARD). We do the BARD top 10 lists separately, for both braille and audio using the BARD circ reports, to pick up those circulations mainly because it's more interesting to patrons and it allows us to offer more content each month on our social media and website. Content is king and content gets the traffic. This is how we built our social media presence.
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1 year 6 months ago #781 by SamLundberg
I was actually just messing around with this the other day. I wasn't too surprised by the results, but one thing I did want to do was compare the individual title top 10 with the author top 10. Took a bit of messing around in excel, but I got there. Suddenly L'amour, who couldn't crack the top 50 for individual titles, is the runaway winner.

Individual top 10:
# Circ Title Author KLAS ID
117 Accidental heroes Steel, Danielle. DB090531
88 Long road to Mercy Baldacci, David. DB092904
85 Fifty fifty Patterson, James. DB090292
81 The Brothers O'Brien. Johnstone, William W. DB092022
80 Inspector Ian Rutledge. Todd, Charles. DB090610
80 Twisted prey Sandford, John. DB090662
78 Cave of bones : a Leaphorn, Chee and Manuelito novel Hillerman, Anne. DB091936
75 The cutting edge Deaver, Jeffery. DB090660
74 Becoming Obama, Michelle. DB092627
67 Burning bright Petrie, Nicholas. DB087331

Author top 10:
L'Amour, Louis. 2660
Johnstone, William W. 1688
Patterson, James. 1231
Steel, Danielle. 1152
Cussler, Clive. 811
Jance, Judith A. 807
Grey, Zane. 764
Brand, Max. 730
Woods, Stuart. 658
Baldacci, David. 605

Incidentally, running this report sorting by KLAS ID did not include any of our locally produced DNM titles. But running the same report sorting by # Circulations did catch our DNMs. This doesn't impact our top 10, except for our DoD announcement file, which has 1,742 circs since October, but that doesn't really count.
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1 year 6 months ago - 1 year 6 months ago #782 by patrick20k
Very interesting! I'll pass on the info about the sorting making a difference with your DNM titles--that certainly isn't what I'd expect it to do :huh:

Editing to add: Apparently, if you have invalid diacritics in any of your titles or authors, it will cause the rest of the report to fail. Anyone who feels like they are getting odd results should check that they have a Total row at the bottom of the report! If not, let Customer Support know that they're getting an incomplete report and we'll help you get it sorted out.
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