Is it time to turn off Title Synch?

2 years 6 months ago - 2 years 6 months ago #577 by patrick20k
The Title Synchronization feature was created to help with the transition from RC to DB, as identical titles were being reissued in the new format. While enabled, Title Synchronization copies cataloging information entered for a single title to any other linked titles. This ensured that you would not need to enter the same narrator and subject information for both the RC and DB versions of a certain recording.

However, that transition period is over, and most libraries no longer circulate RCs at all, let alone need updated information for new RC titles. In the meantime, NLS has been distributing more and more compilation cartridges, which may be linked back to several original single titles. In these cases, you do not want updated cataloging copied over to linked titles, as changes made to the anthology cartridge Title Record likely don't apply to the original title.

In short, if Title Synchronization is still turned on, it can cause cataloging havoc with linked titles!

If it sounds like this might be a problem you're running into (or if you just want to make sure it doesn't become one), contact KLAS Customer Support for assistance turning off this once-helpful feature.
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