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NLS routinely releases files with the MARC records for in-process, completed, and converted titles. When there are diacratic marks or other oddities in the NLS records, Keystone will create a "clean" version that will load into KLAS without filling your Catalogue Module and WebOPAC with gibberish and extra symbols.

For Keystone-hosted systems, we load these MARC records into your Catalogue Module for you. However, for self-hosted libraries, it is up to you to get the new records loaded.

There are four sets of MARC records. Per Nancy:

NEW – These are the books that NLS is in the process of recording. The skeleton records are loaded into the database so you can start collecting requests and reserves for patrons anticipating the book’s release.

RETRO – These are the analog to digital conversion records. NLS updates the MARC record of an old RC title to a new DB version. You would not receive a physical cartridge for these, but it is helpful to have them in the database for two reasons.
1. Your patrons will be able to search the WebOPAC and get a direct link to BARD to download the title, and
2. Any BARD transaction for these titles will have a catalog record to rest against.

NETWORK – These are the recordings produced by network libraries around the country. Once again, like the RETRO, you won’t have a cartridge, but it is helpful to have them in the system, for the same reasons.

COMPLETE – Once NLS finishes a recording, they update the MARC record they had in the NEW database, adding things like the narrator and the length of the recording, along with the link to the BARD download. You will more than likely get a physical cartridge of these titles.

So how do you load them?

1. Download the files from NLS (or the clean versions from the KLASusers forum) and save them on your computer.

2. Open the KLAS Catalogue Module. In the Tools menu, select Load MARC Records.

3. Use the browse to find the downloaded file. Choose the source to match the file:
NEW for new, RETRO for retro, NTWRK for network, and NLS for completed
(If you don't see these sources, please contact Keystone!)

4. Click OK and wait for the files to be loaded.

Caution: do not load the back files for NEW titles, as you could overwrite completed data. Even if you are catching up after not loading new titles for a while, only load the most recent NEW file.

As always, don't hesitate to call us or email for help!

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