The Rating Unrated Books (RUB) project allows volunteers across the NLS network of libraries to share content information about previously unrated books. But how do you take all that information from the spreadsheet and get it into KLAS?

In short, you need to filter the spreadsheet to generate a list of KLAS IDs for each subject to load, load each of those lists as a query set, and use the Add / Remove Headings tool to apply the subject heading. For full instructions of how to do this, including both the Excel process and the process in KLAS, please see the following instructions. The process can be adjusted to meet your libraries standards, such as whether you track both "some strong language" and "strong language" or only one level.

Please note: because the Add / Remove Headings tool makes changes to a large number of titles at once... there is also the potential for a mistake to be applied to a large number of titles at once. If you have questions about this tool, or if you think something has gone wrong, please contact Keystone Customer Support. 

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