Hello, IRCs! We know you are very busy right now so I won’t keep you long. As you’re scrambling to get everything checked in and staged for next year, here are three things to check on before they start causing you headaches:

Default Period

If you have not yet set the default period to the new school year, here’s a forum post that will help you make the switch: Period Maintenance – New School Year.

Loan Period

For some IRCs, materials are automatically given a due date at the end of the current period. Others, however, set a specific due date, which will need to be manually updated each year. Make sure your system is using the due date you want for new materials.

WebOrder Request Types

Check that the request types listed for creating a new Material Request are up-to-date. Many IRCs will list a “Current School Year” and “NEXT School Year,” so make sure your labeling matches the correct year. Request types for the year that is now over should be removed. Let us know what changes need to be made.

Once you have these set, you’ll be ready to start the new school year right.

And as always, give us a call or email if you have questions or need help!

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