APH KLAS Users' Meeting Highlights & Updates

Hello, IRCs and IMCs!

I hope you were able to join us at the KLAS IRC / IMC Users' Meeting at the 150th APH annual meeting, but if not, we’ve got you covered. Read on for a couple highlights, and info on where to find more.

KLAS IRC / IMC Installs by State

7.6r2e Highlights

The latest version of KLAS includes some IRC / IMC-specific updates, especially to WebOrder. Here are a couple examples:

  • Added a "My Account" link in the Main Menu of Web Order to allow a user to view their own record.

This does away with the need for that confusing “self” relationship. Users are now able to access their own record via the “My Account” link in the Main Menu instead of by searching for themselves. While this is a small change, we think it’s a big improvement!

  • Added a "Change Patron Status" function

The new screen launches from a button on the Main Details screen and allows a user to request a status change and provide a reason.

For example, a requestor can change a former student’s status to Moved, with a reason of “moved to another district this summer.” If the new district registers the student, it will be easier to tell that it’s the same child and not just the same name. Plus, even if the new district is out of state, the student will already be correctly updated to remove them from the former district's APH Census count.

We can hide this button if you prefer the users contact you directly for all status changes. But if you choose to allow it, this is a great way to make updates quick and easy for both you and your requestors.

For more information about these updates and more, check out the KLAS 7.6r2e Full & Web Functions Release Lists.

7.7r1 Highlights - to be released Oct 2018

This upcoming KLAS release has quite a few behind-the-scenes adjustments that should make the staff-side KLAS application a little faster and better all around. For example, it will not require Admin Privileges to install, eliminates the need for Open VPN for remote users, and it supports more “special characters,” such as diacritics.

More Info

To learn more about the latest and upcoming updates, and watch demos of some of the new IRC features, make sure you’re logged in to KLASusers.com and check out the 2018 APH KLAS Users' Meeting Recording. (You must be logged into klasusers.com to access the article.)

Don’t have time to watch the recording? The 2018 APH KLAS Users' Meeting article has the PowerPoint slides available for download!

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