Graphic of gold and silver star garlands and sparklers, reading: From the Keystone Staff: Happy New Year! Here's to fresh starts and new adventures!

It’s been another turbulent, often-difficult year, but once again, we’ve made it through. In fact, this year has seen a number of highlights for us! Here are a few of my high points:

We’ve revamped KLASusers.com to modernize it, make it more easily searchable, and present content by topic instead of by format. We’ve recently made another big stride towards this goal by adding the tag listing to the Knowledge Base and News areas, allowing you to easily browse some of our top topics.

We hosted our first-ever all-online KLAS Users’ Conference, allowing us to not only hold this years’ conference safely, but to include more of our users than ever before. We learned so much from this experience, and I’m sure we’ll benefit from that experience even if and when we move back to a primarily in-person event.

We continued to improve Duplication on Demand to make it as reliable, customizable, and powerful as you’d expect from KLAS. This included adding the Duplication Orders by Status report, new options for managing patron’s Service Queues, check-in alerts, and even (in our latest update) customizable sound support for Scribe systems, along with countless smaller tweaks, bug fixes, and “quality of life” improvements.

For our IRC customers, we have a strong start on integration with APH’s ordering system, which will allow you to submit Purchase Orders directly from KLAS, with Catalog integration coming soon as well. If you missed our update on this project earlier this month, make sure to check out the recording!

I could go on and on, but I’ll leave it here for now. After all, it’s about time to be closing the door on 2021, and looking ahead to the possibilities and promise of next year. Until then: best wishes for a happy and healthy 2022!

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