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8 months 6 days ago #941 by epawlus

I know that there is a lot of future development that will need to happen to update the WebOPAC for duplication. I do have one request in the meantime, if it's possible...

Currently, when a patron "rushes" a book (and makes it a reserve), it is put on the Requests tab and not the Service Queue tab. It waits there until the Service Queue needs to be refilled again.

Is there a way to force push that reserve directly onto the Service Queue so that it can go out quicker? We have always advised our patrons to use the rush feature if they want a book as soon as it is available and, with the Service Queue acting as middle man in this transaction, the process has become more sluggish than it used to be.

Thank you for your consideration!
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1 month 2 weeks ago #1036 by patrick20k
This was implemented in version 7.7.42

WebOPAC "rush" requests, along with Serial issues, can now be pushed to the top of the Service Queue overnight, even if the queue is already at max. Anyone who wants to enable this for their library can just let us know whether they want to push OPAC rushes, Serials, or both. Or, check the Admin Settings Quickref on the Duplication Info page to see where to set this up yourself.

Thanks for the great suggestion!

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