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  • Learning to Let Go... or How to Approve Transfer Requests

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    For a while now, receiving libraries have had the ability to request the Transfer In of a patron from another state. But how does this work for the losing library?

    When a transfer request is made for one of your patrons, a designated contact person at your library is notified by email of the pending request. If no one at your library has been receiving transfer notice emails, or if you need to change who is gets them, please let us know!

    If you receive such a notice, you need to tell KLAS it's OK to send the patron. To do so:

    1. Open Patron Transfer. (Functions Menu or Alt-Ctrl-T)
    2. Switch to the Process Outgoing tab.
    3. Locate the requested patron is the browse. Select them, then use the Approve Transfer button.
      Or, if the library let you know that the request was in error (or you just can't bear to let the patron go), you can use the Reject Transfer button to cancel the request.

    As with transfers initiated by the losing library, the patron's record, current equipment, and HasHads will be passed off to the receiving library overnight.

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