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Notes From The Scribe - November 2018

Hi all,

Here’s the Notes from The Scribe for November 2018.

This will be a shorter version. This month we played around testing some limits of the system itself and some improvements to our own processes as we get ready to roll out this service in full. The library’s Duplication on Demand Committee has met twice and we are shaping how our service will work moving forward with this exciting offering. Let’s go over some brief highlights since I last updated you all.

In November we finally put all staff on to the service as a test group so that we could run larger batches of duplication jobs. What we discovered with this process is that The Scribe is up to the task (so far). The speed of duplication whether you are copying one cartridge or 12 doesn’t really change much. In our sample, one cartridge typically takes 3.5 minutes to put 5 books on one cartridge and 4.5 minutes to put 5 books onto 12 cartridges at the same time, in 2 different locations. I say 12 because that’s all the staff we had up on the system at the time we started the tests. We still need to run the remaining cards for the rest of staff (13 more people) and put together cartridge sets. Once we have that we will look at 15 at a time. We do note that there seems to be a kind of sleep mode from starting out the day running this. There is a little delay when you start up first thing and put everything in motion, which isn’t as pronounced the rest of the time. As we go forward and the units run more throughout the day we will see how this pans out. But if you want to run 12 cartridges (patron orders) at the same time, this device does that well.

The next phase will be to run all cartridge slots on both units at the same time. This should happen in the next week or so once we get all staff setup.

Another thing of major note, the committee decided that rather than calling the service Patron-Centric Cartridge or PCC service, we have adopted the name Books on Demand or BOD. The group decided that this would be easier for the patrons to understand. The term Patron-Centric Cartridge is meaningless from a patron standpoint. The method behind how those books (and magazines) are served doesn’t matter to the patron. While this is a PCC type of Duplication on Demand Service we will refer to it as Books on Demand or BOD for simplicity. Also this leaves open the option of using other types of delivery for patron reading materials.

One final note, a group of 15-20 patrons will begin pilot testing the system in mid-December. We have worked out most of the kinks in the system, but the next step is patron feedback that we’ll get so we can fine tune some things. The hope is to move beyond the pilot by mid-January and roll things forward. We think we’re on target for that to happen. As we say around here "this is getting real".

Here are some photos of this month's testing of more cartridges (patron orders) at the same time on a larger scale.

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2019 KLAS Users' Conference Theme & Call for Presentation Proposals

In this week's Key Notes post, we want to update you on the planning for the 2019 KLAS Users' Conference, which will be held in West Palm Beach, FL from June 3-6. We have already posted links to the conference registration form, an initial overview schedule, and conference location & accommodations information.

Conference Theme

Today we're excited to announce the theme of this year's conference! For the first time this year, we opened up the final selection of the theme to members of the KLAS Users' Group. We presented three choices as narrowed down by our committee members and, by popular vote, this year's theme is: Waves of Change

2019 KLAS Users' Conference - Waves of Change


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Please pardon our dust: Part 4

Our last "Please pardon our dust" update was in early August, but the renovation work here at Keystone is still ongoing. We are now well into phase 3 and now are certain that the light at the end of the tunnel isn't an oncoming train. In fact, there's sunshine, new paint, redesigned kitchen cabinets, and shiny new lobby flooring.

under-construction-2408062 960 720

Read more about waht has already been done in our "Please pardon our dust" Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 posts. In phase three of the office renovation project, workmen started taking down all the old ceiling tiles, removing and replacing ductwork, ripping down wallpaper, rewiring electric and network cables, put fresh paint on walls and doors, and began prepping our office breakroom / kitchen to have all the cabinets replaced. They are almost ready to take out the old flooring and put in the new, put in the new ceiling tiles, and remove / replace the kitchen cabinets. Luckily for all of this work, no employees had to go move into temporary space, but we did have to store some equipment in other areas and learn to navigate the office without distrubing the workmen or opening a bathroom door without getting wet paint on our hands.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, KLAS users!

Photo of a cornucopia with various autumn vegetables.

This fall, we're very thankful for YOU, and I'd like to do some specific thanks-giving:

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Offline Check In

We’ve posted a lot lately about our emergency preparedness, but is there anything you all can do to keep a minor disaster from grinding your services to a halt?

There is!

If you experience a network outage, whether due to bad weather, service provider outage, or construction chopping through your network cable, you can still work on checking in returned materials. This method will work if you can’t log into KLAS or even if you can’t access the internet at all. All you need is a computer (a laptop on battery power is fine) and a scanner.

Frustrated user stares at laptop.

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