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Notes From The Scribe - April 2019

Here’s the latest Notes from The Scribe for April 2019.

We are now Live on Version 7.7 and into a couple of upgrades.

 A Scribe unit sits against a brick wall, with a banner above that says Notes from The Scribe

When we last left you were just on to the Live Version of 7.7. Now we've had some updates and some issues were addressed. We are into at least our 4th iteration of updates and we've been live with full service to patrons since March 18.

First off, I'm happy to report that if you run into an issue it gets corrected pretty fast!!! There are some new tools for more accurate tracking of issues as they occur which allow Keystone to go right in and fix them. It's pretty impressive how fast some things can get resolved. I will tell you that the more detail you can provide, including screenshots, time of day and what you were doing when things happened makes things go much better.

Now onto the patrons and their experience...

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There's an App For That

Hello, KLAS Users! This week, I am very pleased to introduce: the 2019 KLAS Users' Conference app! 

A lot of work was put into the app this year to make it easier, better, and more useful. We hope it'll be a valuable tool for you as you attend UC2019. And even if you can't join us, the app will allow you to browse through the sessions, download presentations, or find out how to contact the user who presented that session you really wished you could go to!

You can download the app now (or any time) from either the Google Play store or the Apple App store - just search for "KLAS Users Conference". It should be among the first results, with a green "K" icon. 

The app was designed to be magnification-friendly and screen-reader accessible. If you encounter any accessibility problems, please let us know as soon as possible so we can work on a fix! It should be compatible with all Apple and Android devices, including both phones and tablets. 

Hopefully, everything will be intuitive and easy-to-find while exploring the app on your own. Just in case, and for those who don't have their phones handy to check it out right away, let's take a tour...

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It's over 90,000!

A bunch of brightly colored balloonsIt's almost time... after years of entering only five digits for your book numbers, NLS is nearly ready to roll over to DB100000. Wow!

Good news: this is not a Y2k situation. KLAS has always been capable of handling six-digit book numbers. In fact, that's why you've been entering them as DB0 all this time.

However, there will still likely be a few hiccups, and a lot of old habits, as you start entering those "DB1"s. Here are a few things to look at and think about...

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Cards, Parking Lots, & Choosing my own adventure? What?!?

Just over a week or so ago we published an updated overview schedule and full agenda for the 2019 KLAS Users' Conference. Now that you've had a chance to read it, we'd like to talk about some of the new session offerings for this year that you might have noticed including:

  • Cards & Connections
  • Keystone Answers Your Parking Lot Questions
  • Choose Your Own Adventure

Confused? Well, today I'm going to take a minute to share some info about each.

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T -61 Days and Counting...

...until the 2019 KLAS Users' Conference! It's been a while since I shared a conference planning update, so I thought I'd use today's post to let you know about some of the work your planning committees, local hosts, and Keystone staff have been doing to help make this a great conference for all our attendees.


Q: What's the easiest way to see all the information on klasusers.com about the 2019 KLAS Users' Conference?

A: Direct your browser to klasusers.com/UC2019

This url will automatically take you the 2019 KLAS Users' Conference page with ALL the latest articles about this year's conference. You can sort the list by "Title" or "Modified Date. Also, be sure to filter for ALL articles (from the default 10) to make sure you don't miss something from the second page.


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