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Introducing: Scribe Mini

The Scribe Mini is a black computer appliance with a grid of four cartridge duplication slots in the front, each with an LED light over it. This one is shown beside a scanner on a stand and a stack of four cartridges to show how compact it is.

While the Scribe System already has a lot of great features, we felt that there was still room for improvement. Two issues that we specifically wanted to address were:

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Downtime Update

What a week! ...and it’s only Tuesday.

As I’m sure all of you know, one of our servers decided that 2020 was just too much for it and bit the dust on Monday morning. Our 7.7 customers dodged the worst of it--we’ve been moving everyone to newer servers as they migrate to the new version--and have seen little disruption. Unfortunately, the rest of you have had significant downtime, and we apologize.

We attempted to resuscitate the server without success. At that point, our disaster recovery procedures went into effect: backups were recovered and our valiant IT and Dev team spent the rest of the day and night porting them to a new cloud server and getting everything rebuilt. Since then, we’ve been working with everyone to get VPNs pointing to the new server location, correcting settings to restore printing and reports, and doing a whole lot of troubleshooting. (All while Nancy is also running an Administrators Training.)

Up next: finish getting all the WebOPACs and WebOrder systems back online and functioning normally.

So, while we know this process hasn’t gone as quickly as hoped, please be assured that we are doing everything we can to get you back in business ASAP. Thank you all for your patience and assistance!

Where do you see us in Ten Years?

I recently took a look back at Keystone's 2019, but New Year's isn't just about looking back... it's also a time to look ahead. The 2010s are coming to a close, the '20s are moving in, and our library customers are at a turning point in Talking Books service.

So what might be coming over the next decade?

A mostly-complete loading bar with the text "2020 Loading..."

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Steering our way into a new year on KLASUsers.com...

Last year we published the first KLASUsers.com content survey to assess how we'd been doing after our first dedicated year of weekly blog posts and discussion forum tips. This year we've continued with this content, added more, and also implemented the Weekly Wrap-ups that are emailed to the KLAS Users e-list. As we round out year two, Katy and I want to check-in again so we can continue to provide information of interest and in a format that you find useful. Therefore, please take some time to complete the 2020 KLASUsers.com content survey and help steer us in the right direction as we move forward.

We promise it's not too long and will be open until February 7th.

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated! We're doing this for all of you, so please chime in to let us know how it's going!

2020 KLASUSERS Content Survey: How are we doing. Please respond by February 7, 2020.


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2019 Holiday Potluck & Gift Exchange

Every year, Keystone's staff get together for a bit of fun one Friday during December. Everyone contributes a dish to our potluck lunch and brings a gift for our White Elephant gift exchange. For this week's blog post, I thought y'all might enjoy a look at some of last Friday's festivities.

We had a wonderful spread of food including all the holiday favorites like sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, and more!

 Dishes of many different kinds wait for our staff to partake.

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