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Guiding Us Forward

Our developers have been very busy lately, implementing Gutenberg, ironing out eCommerce, and gearing up to start converting IRC / IMC customers to version 7.7, among other things.

But amidst all of that, we’re still listening for your feedback—and even relying on it more than ever!

So here are a few notes on how you are helping guide us forward.

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2019 APH KLAS Users' Meeting Wrap-up

Last week, Nancy and I were in Louisville for the 2019 American Printing House for the Blind Annual Meeting. On Thursday morning, we had an excellent two-hour meeting with a number of IRC / IRC staff members who use KLAS. We spent time sharing things that have happened with Keystone as a company, updates to our hosting services, communications efforts, new customers, and new IRC focused features added to KLAS in the last year.

Thank you to everyone who attended, offered input on future KLAS development, asked questions about current features, provided feedback, and shared your experiences and expertise with your colleagues.

While there, we also had an opportunity to tour the InSights Art Show, offer timeslots for one-on-one support, attend the opening session and reception, and catch up with folks we usually only see at APH. 

Toni Harrell, KS IRC, and Nancy Underwood Honeycutt, Keystone, pose for a photo while waiting for the APH opening session to start.

Today, I want to share some photos I took during the conference and links to the presentation we shared at the meeting.

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Keystone at APH 2019 Annual Meeting

Next week, members of the Keystone Staff will attend the 2019 American Printing House for the Blind Annual Meeting. In support of our Instructional Resource Center / Instructional Materials Center KLAS users, we will host a KLAS Users' Group meeting at 8:00 AM Eastern on Thursday, October 10 in the Hialeah Room of the Hyatt Regency Louisville. 


Save the date for the 2019 IRC Users' Meeting at APH! RSVP to <span id=This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we plan for enough breakfast & coffee." width="400" height="400" />

If you are an IRC / IMC KLAS user and plan to attend APH, we hope you will plan to join us for info about recent KLAS updates, an opportunity to meet with Keystone staff and fellow IRC KLAS users, and a chance to provide your feedback and thoughts on possible future development of KLAS. We are also excited to announce that if you are unable to be in Louisville, we are offering the option for you to join us live online via join.me, our online meeting platform. 

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Are you Ready for Duplication? (And is your Catalog?)

Whether you’re chomping at the bit or dragging your feet, sooner or later Duplication on Demand service will be coming to all NLS network libraries. As we get deeper into implementation processes at more and more libraries, we want to make sure we’re sharing what we learn with the rest of you, to help things go as smoothly as possible.

A big thing that we hope you’re hearing is that the time to work on your cataloging is now.

As you switch your patrons to Duplication service, they will very suddenly have access to your entire catalog of DB titles. That includes:

  • Almost a decade of Retrospective titles, which you may not have done any cataloging for since no copies were ordered or expected.
  • Anything and everything from Copy Allotment that you requested only 1 copy of, because it wasn’t a subject your patrons had much interest in.
  • All of those titles you returned all of your copies of through the XESS process.

This can and will be a huge benefit to your patrons, as they will be able to receive their requests and reserves faster than ever, read series in order, and have access to all the classics and old favorites they may have had trouble getting before.

It can also have its pitfalls, especially if your catalog hasn’t been kept up. But don’t panic! You still have time to fix things.

Take a look at your catalog, and come up with a plan. If you have questions or need help strategizing, we’re here to help!

Some things to check on or try out:

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