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Gutenberg is Coming!

For this week's Key Note, I wanted to highlight a reply that James Burts recently posted to the forums--it's exciting news and we don't want you to miss it!

"We will be adding support for Gutenberg from KLAS. Time will tell if Scribe has any purpose beyond being a valuable testbed for our duplication efforts, but we have certainly heard loud and clear that you all want us to integrate KLAS with Gutenberg.

However, in order to be able to do this, there are some foundational parts that must be in place first. The biggest and most important of them is what we are calling the "Duplication Queue". The Duplication Queue is just what the name implies-- a prioritized list of titles to be duplicated to cartridges. We are adding to the nightly routines to make sure every patron's Duplication Queue is automatically filled with books that the patron would want. This automatic selection will function with similar rules as the current nightly auto-select to allow KLAS to pick books to be added to the duplication queue, but with a few very important differences from what nightly currently does.

  1. The duplication queue will be books that the system has selected in advance.
    • The system re-fills the queue the night after a patron receives a duplicated cartridge.
    • Once titles are on a patron's duplication queue, entries can be added, re-prioritized, or deleted whenever you want. This will allow the RA's (or the patron themselves) to modify the items queue as they want--- like you can adjust the items in your NetFlix wishlist.
  2. The selection of items in the duplication queue will be based on the full BARD collection, not just the titles you have available in inventory (which is how the current nightly programs operate).
    • We are basically needing to create a process very similar to our nightly selection routines, but with some significant differences. The two processes are having to be somewhat aware of each other, and make sure they don't step on each other's toes. (for a simple example, if a patron returns a cartridge and is now due for service, we don't want both systems sending both a book from inventory/turnaround as well as a cartridge from Duplication on Demand.) Weaving these systems around each other is the cause of much of the difficulty in the Duplication Queue.

Having the automated selection of books for the duplication queue is a huge step. It takes away the current need to manually click the "Serve Patron" button, and pick the books that will be written to a cartridge. Having a manual step to select books would severely hamper the ability for Duplication on Demand to scale to support a collection-free workflow."

We want to make sure that KLAS' Gutenberg integration doesn't just work, but works well. That means a smooth workflow for selecting titles and duplicating the cartridges, and it also means tracking what actually happened at each step along the way. As part of our integrating with Gutenberg, we will be making sure that enough information is recorded to be able to track down issues, troubleshoot bugs, and answer patrons' questions, such as "Why didn't I get this title?" and "What was on that cartridge?"

The developers are hard at work, and we expect that the Duplication Queue should be finished in late September / October. Then they will work on tying that piece into the Gutenberg itself, which could take another couple of months. The current estimate is that they should be done sometime in December / January.

We expect to deliver a robust process that will work with Gutenberg (or other hardware) to provide your patrons with the right titles at the right time--with the right amount of work needed to run it.

In the meantime, please continue to contact us with your questions, workflow preferences, and suggestions!

Patron Profile Quality Control

Good patron profiles are key to good service. However, with so many aspects to consider, it can be easy to make entry mistake, and time-consuming to manually double-check everything. Fortunately, there are ways to find potential issues without having to comb through records by hand.

Here are some quick and easy ways to find and fix issues in patron profiles — before you get an angry call or lose a patron.

Quality Control Checks

For more detail and screenshots, check out the attached "FixIt" document.

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New School Year Checklist

Hello, IRCs! We know you are very busy right now so I won’t keep you long. As you’re scrambling to get everything checked in and staged for next year, here are three things to check on before they start causing you headaches:

Default Period 

If you have not yet set the default period to the new school year, here’s a forum post that will help you make the switch: Period Maintenance – New School Year.

Loan Period

For some IRCs, materials are automatically given a due date at the end of the current period. Others, however, set a specific due date, which will need to be manually updated each year. Make sure your system is using the due date you want for new materials.

WebOrder Request Types

Check that the request types listed for creating a new Material Request are up-to-date. Many IRCs will list a “Current School Year” and “NEXT School Year,” so make sure your labeling matches the correct year. Request types for the year that is now over should be removed. Let us know what changes need to be made.


Once you have these set, you’ll be ready to start the new school year right.
And as always, give us a call or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have questions or need help!

Please pardon our dust.

Here at 8016 Glenwood Ave #200, there's change in the air. A couple of weeks ago we started a large building remodeling and update.

Under Construction Sign

By the time it's complete, the roof will be replaced, we'll have new ceilings, carpet, and paint, and our breakroom will get an overhaul.

In preparation for the first phase of the work, we packed up one half of our staff and moved them to the other side of the building while work happens on the side they usually occupy. Our programmers, Sales and Marketing Department, Lead Developer, and Technical Writer are in temporary quarters during this phase. Once work is completed on their workspaces, the opposite will occur. Our Customer Support Team, Office Manager, and Systems Administrator will move to temporary digs while their side of the building is revamped.
Building Roof under Construction

We are going to post photos as the work progresses in an album on Keystone's Facebook Page so be sure to like the page and follow along with the process, but here are a few teasers...

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The Stars of Keystone's Staff - Katy

Today we're starting the first in a series of Key Notes blog posts called "The Stars of Keystone Systems' Staff". Each will include some basic info and insight into one of our staff members. We hope these posts will provide you a look into who makes up our diverse, supportive, and knowledgeable staff.

"The Stars of Keystone Staff" on black background with white stars

Basic Stats:

Name of Staff Member: Katy Patrick

Year Hired: 2017

Current Job Title: Technical Writer

Picture of Katy Patrick

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