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Snapshot Reports

Have you ever wished you had a better frame of reference for your statistics, or a better idea of just how much of your collection is in use? Today, I’m spotlighting three reports that can help—and even better, you can set them up to be emailed to you regularly, with no need to go into KLAS and set them up every time. They are (drumroll, please):

  • Patron Statistical Report
  • Patron Status Summary
  • Catalog Holding Summary

These reports provide a “snapshot” of your stats at a specific point in time, and they can be set up as repeating jobs in the Batch Manager. This means that you can receive one or more of these reports automatically every month (or however often you choose) and be sure that they were using the exact same parameters.

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Administrator’s Training – What to Expect

Hopefully you all know that we routinely offer Administrator’s Training sessions. But what actually happens at these sessions? How can you justify the travel and registration costs? This week, I’m aiming answer some of those questions!

What is it?

A two-day intensive training course, offered here at our offices in Raleigh, NC. You can read up on details, download the registration form, and check the currently scheduled session dates here.

In addition to the scheduled course topics, Admin Training is a great time to get into all of those nitty-gritty administration and policy questions, both with your trainer here at Keystone and your fellow attendees. Class sizes are small, capped at a maximum of just six attendees, so there’s lots of individualized answers and attention to your situation.

Best of all, you will be training on your own database! Not the Users’ Conference database or another mock-up with fake data and semi-arbitrary settings—your very own (live or training, depending on how brave you are) database, with your own settings, your own data, and your own patrons.

What can I expect?

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The Stars of Keystone's Staff - Drea

Welcome back to the "The Stars of Keystone Systems' Staff" series. Each will include some basic info and insight into one of our staff members. We hope these posts will provide you a look into who makes up our diverse, supportive, and knowledgeable staff.

"The Stars of Keystone Staff" on black background with white stars

Basic Stats:

Name of Staff Member: Drea Callicutt

Year Hired: 2002

Current Job Title: Marketing, Sales & Communications Coordinator

photo of Drea

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Please pardon our dust: Part 2

What's been up since we initially shared with you that the office is currently undergoing a bit of an upheaval as we are having work done to give it a facelift and some updates?

Well, there's all new A/C ductwork installed on the west side of the building as well as a new ceiling gridwork, new ceiling tiles, additional network and electrical drops and plugs, and all new paint on the walls, doors, and trim. 

under-construction-2408062 960 720

Here are a few pictures of the latest work...

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KDAC - KLAS Development Advisory Committee

At the 2018 KLAS Users' Conference Craig Hayward, President, KLAS Users' Group, announced a renewal and revamp of the KLAS Development Advisory Committee (KDAC). The KDAC serves an advisory role to Keystone on new features being developed for future releases of KLAS.

The terms of the original persons on the committee have expired, but the Officers' and Keystone Staff feel it is needed particularly now with a web-based version of KLAS on the horizon, duplication on demand, and other new projects and features currently being discussed. Over the last couple of weeks, the Users' Group Officers' in coordination with Keystone have been working to update the library breakdown list, identify and discuss possible committee members, and to prepare for the committee's reconvening. Erin Pawlus, Secretary, KLAS Users' Group and Users' Group Officers' Liasion to KDAC, will soon send invitations to possible new committee members with an anticipated meeting of the new committee members in mid-late August.

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