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NLS Monthly Inventory Report

Run this report from the Equipment Module. Reports - Monthly Reporting - NLS Monthly Inventory

The Monthly Inventory Report consists of two parts - an accounting of the transactions that occurred during the month and a snapshot of the current inventory taken during the nightly processing on the last day of the month. The ideal situation is that both different sections come to the same conclusion about the total number of machines you have in inventory.

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Statistical Periods - v7 Administrators

Subject: Statistical Periods - v7 Administrators
Date: 2/5/2007

KLAS v7 System Administrators, have you looked at your statistical periods lately? Perhaps you should.

The statistical periods are displayed on the Statistics tab in most KLAS v7 modules. They keep track of things like the number of copies added and the number of copies withdrawn during the time period.

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Equipment fields - KLAS 7.4

Programming is in place to take advantage of fields on the Equipment Model record. Check your system to see if things are set up the way you want them for your uses.

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Circulation Policy Administration

Subject: Circulation Policy Administration
Date: 1/4/2007

Did you know that as an administrator, you can establish circulation policies for all of your materials?

Circulation policies are the rules that govern the checkout of materials to patrons.

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