The following MARC records have had diacratic marks or other issues corrected. Please upload these files in place of the NLS version.

To avoid overwriting your cataloging data, we are removing the older NEW files. Updated versions of the New records will eventually be included in the Completed file that NLS provides.

For more information on uploading MARC Records, see Are Your Records Up-To-Date? on the forums.

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Scribe Error Troubleshooting

Scribe Errors and What to Do About Them

Browse this list of potential Scribe Errors for more information about why they might occur and what you can do to recover from them. This list is still under construction--if your error is not yet listed, please email a screenshot to Keystone Customer Support for information and next steps. Remember that we're always here to help if you're having trouble!

The following MARC records have had diacratic marks or other issues corrected. Please upload these files in place of the NLS version.

For more information on uploading MARC Records, see Are Your Records Up-To-Date? on the forums.

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Latest Updates

April's New File 2 was uploaded 4/22/2021, and a corrected NetworkBARD File for April was uploaded 4/23/2021.

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Both Gutenberg & Scribe

Automatic Status Updates for Duplication-Ready Titles - Key Notes post April 19, 2021

Shuffle the Deck- Key Notes post August 26, 2020

Locally Produced Titles - Key Notes post March 12, 2020

NLS Duplication Supplies - Key Notes post Sept 10, 2019

Duplication Q&A Webinar Recording - Sept 12, 2019 (must be logged in to view)

Cartridge Capacity Information - Forum post Aug 23, 2019

Series and Duplication Service - Key Notes post Jan 29, 2019


Scribe Recycle Mode Video - Key Notes post Sept 3, 2019

Notes from the Scribe - Key Notes guest posts


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Remember: You are always welcome to call or email Keystone Customer Support with questions or requests! I have a full slate of documentation I am working on for you, but I will always do my best to tailor my priorities to your needs.

On Wednesday, July 31 we applied an upgrade to an extension for klasusers.com causing problems on the admin side of the site but undetectable from the user side. To resolve the issue, we had to restore a July 30 backup version from prior to the extension being upgraded. Unfortunately, doing so caused us to lose some discussion forums posts and replies.  We saved each and are reposting them to the best of our ability reflecting the author and time / date of posting. Thank you for your understanding. We are sorry for any inconvenience or confusion.

The following downloads are practice worksheets, created to be used in hands-on training sessions at the KLAS Users' Conference. Please note that the Patron names and IDs, Title details and circulation history, and other details are referencing the Users' Conference demo databases--however, you are welcome to use these documents as a template for creating your own versions, which refer to the records in your own training database. They can then be used for training new staff, or challenging existing staff to improve their KLAS expertise even more!

If you have any questions about using or modifying these worksheets, please contact Katy via and we will be happy to assist you.

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New to 7.7? View all new features, improvements, and bug fixes with fewer downloads in the combined release lists. If you only need the release list for the latest build, see below for individual release lists by month.

The latest general release is 7.7.52 - the release list was uploaded May 5, 2021.

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Highlights from the first year of our Thursday Tips series.

Duplication Supplement

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NOAA Hurricane Florence image

As many of you will be aware, Hurricane Florence is forecast to bring heavy rains and high winds to central North Carolina, including the area where Keystone's offices are located. We are monitoring the storm closely, and are making plans to minimize the impact the storm may have on us all.

  1. We have a generator for critical functions of the office. In the event that our electric power goes out, our systems, servers, network, email, and phone system should remain unaffected.
  2. If the roads are unsafe for staff to travel to the office, our phones are VOIP and our customer support staff all have work-issued laptops. This would allow customer support staff to work from home over a VPN and keep supporting you all.
    Depending on the severity of the storm, we may have difficulty responding to support calls as quickly as we'd like, but we'll be doing the best we possibly can.
  3. Customers that have their database hosted with us-- for years, we have been storing backup copies of everyone's databases off-site (in encrypted form) in case of emergency. In case the hurricane is really terrible in this area, we have an emergency operations site prepared to be able to bring up all the hosted customers on cloud-based servers within a number of hours. Should this be necessary, connecting to those cloud servers will require local admin rights to load a new set of KLAS support files. We will be sending out information about the backup connections and plans to affected customers as needed.

Another area that we have been seeking to improve: providing a consistent place for customers to be able to check on the status of their database and connections so that it is quicker to identify where an issue might be occurring. As part of the 7.7 release that we are in the final stages of testing, we have been planning to roll out new status pages to report on the status of each library's database.

For this weather event, Keystone is going to use an early version of this system to provide information to all customers on how we are weathering the storm. The Keystone Status notification site is now accessible from the "Keystone Status" menu item on klausers.com and at this URL: https://uptime.statuscake.com/?TestID=emlREBtN3e

This site will show the status of our Support and Hosting networks, and also provide us with a location to post any announcements. The Keystone Support network indicates, among other things, whether our email server is still receiving emails, and if we can expect our phone system to work. The Keystone Hosted Customers ISP indicates whether our hosting network is still communicating with the Internet, and therefore should the customer expect to be able to connect to the database with the staff functions.


KLAS Keyboard Shortcuts

KLAS' staff side interface allows all functions to be performed with keyboard commands. The following document provides a summary of the keyboard shortcuts that make using the system quicker and easier.

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