January 2021 KDAC Survey

Your KLAS Development Advisory Committee (KDAC) member-representatives want to hear if you have input for our next meeting to be held January 19, 2021. Therefore please complete this survey to share your input with us, and please know we sincerely appreciate your thoughts and feedback.

Staff of Network Libraries for the Blind and Print Disabled using KLAS met for a virtual session on Wednesday, December 2 during the Online National Library Library for the Blind & Print Disabled's 2020 online national conference. Below is the PowerPoint presentation Keystone shared in both .PPTX and .PDF formats and the notes from the meeting as taken by Erin Pawlus, Secretary, KLAS Users' Group:

New KLAS Users' Group Vice President

I hope you are all well and in good spirits. It is my honor and privilege to announce that Michael Lang of the State Library of Kansas, Talking Books Service will serve as KLAS Users' Group Vice President for the 2020 - 2021 year. Please join me in congratulating Michael on this new and exciting endeavor. Michael will officially step into this role on August 1, 2020.

Thank you to all that voted!

Best Regards,

Chandra Thornton
KLAS Users' Group President


2020 KLAS Users' Group Vice President Candidate

A link to vote in the officer election will be sent to a designated representative of each KLAS library / organization.

The deadline to vote is Friday, July 17.

Biographies and Statements of Purpose of Candidate for Vice President

Michael Lang, Director, State Library of Kansas, Talking Books Service


Michael Lang is the Director of the State Library of Kansas, Talking Books Service in Emporia. He has been with Kansas Talking Books since 2015. Prior to that Michael worked in a small public library and in student services roles at various institutes of higher education in Kansas. He is a member of the KLAS Programming Committee and his local Friends of the Library board.

Statement of Purpose

To encourage greater participation from KLAS users via the many platforms provided by Keystone and learn from other KLAS users how to better serve our community.

As directed and defined by the most recent update of the Bylaws of the KLAS Users' Group as approved in June 2019, an election to select a new Vice President needs to occur. Therefore, current KLAS Users' Group Officers met to discuss and determine a timeline for such. Below are the relevant dates as approved:

  • June 1 = KLAS Users' Group Vice President Nomination Period Opens
  • June 19 = KLAS Users' Group Vice President Nomination Period Closes
  • June 25 = Vice President Nominee Bios due
  • June 29 = Vice President Nominee Bios Published and Online Voting Period Opens
  • July 17 = Vice President Nominee Bios Published and Online Voting Period Closes
  • July 28 = KLAS Users' Group Officers' Transition Meeting
  • August 1 = Official Installation of new KLAS Users' Group Vice President

The duties of the Vice President are defined in "Article VI. Officers" of the KLAS Users Group Bylaws include:

Vice-President: The Vice-President shall serve in a mentoring and leadership capacity to learn about the responsibilities of the Users’ Group, and shall assist the President with designated duties. May be required to perform President’s duties if the President is unavailable. The Vice-President shall also serve on at least one committee outlined in Article VII. The Vice-President assumes the office of President at the end of the term of the standing President in office.

All names for nominees or questions about the process should be sent to Chandra Thornton (), President, KLAS Users' Group, and Erin Pawlus (), Secretary, KLAS Users Group.

Hello KLAS Users from Jen Buzolich, KLAS Users' Group Vice President!

On behalf of your KLAS Users Group Officers, we hope this message finds you, your friends and families, safe and healthy during these unprecedented times! Here in California, it is hard to believe that we have been out of the office since March 16! Our team, like many of yours, has been practicing our flexibility and adaptiveness as we figure out new ways to go out about our daily tasks and support our patrons!

As we move forward, please remember the KLAS community is here to support you! The Key Notes Blog will be featuring guest writers sharing about how their organization is responding to COVID-19. Also, be sure to check out KLASusers.com to hear what our BTBL and IRCs have been doing during this time, get some great tips and tricks for working remotely, or even cook up a new dinner recipe! Read below for more news and notes within the KLAS community:

  • An IRC Roundtable, hosted by Kathy Segers of the Tennessee Instructional Resource Center took place last week. Kathy demonstrated how she and her team use KLAS to conduct their annual APH census, followed by open discussion time. Having the time to collaborate as an IRC group surrounding KLAS allows us to work and learn from each other! We are looking for another IRC to host the next IRC Roundtable. Hosts can plan a specific topic or have an open forum for discussion. If you have questions or are interesting in hosting, please reach out to Drea.
  • David Perrotta from NLS sent out an e-mail regarding referral code updates to the listserv, and several librarians responded. Each library is determining the best way forward to adopt the new standardized referral codes from NLS. If you haven’t yet read the message from David, please check it out and bring your comments or questions to the NLS Forum on KLAS Users at http://klasusers.com//forum/nls .
  • On May 19 starting at 1pm EST, Keystone will be hosting Users’ Group meetings. These sessions will provide an overview of the new features of KLAS, updates from Keystone, and even some organization-specific breakouts. More information will be coming!
  • This summer the current KLAS Users’ Group officers will end their current terms and shift into their new roles. This leaves a vacancy for the Vice President role and elections will be conducted to identify a new candidate. If you are interested in serving in this capacity, please reach out to Drea. The role of the Vice President is a one-year term, followed by a one year term as President and one year as the Past President role.

We can always think of plenty of things to work on and improve, come up with new features, and generally decide how we think KLAS should look and work. However, what we think is important to implement might not be what you, the users, really want to see.

~ Katy Patrick, September 4, 2018, Re-Convening KDAC Key Notes Blog Post

The KLAS Development Advisory Committee (KDAC) serves an advisory role to Keystone on new features being developed for future releases of KLAS.


  • Solicit and review KLAS Development Suggestions
  • Report on activities at the biennial KLAS Users’ Conference
  • Communicate with constituents.


The committee approved an updated set of guidelines on Wednesday, January 22, 2020.


Six committee members representing the following categories of KLAS Users plus a Users' Group Officers' Liasion:

  • Large regional libraries
  • Mid-size regional libraries
  • Small regional libraries
  • Subregional libraries
  • Special Organizations / Schools
  • Instructional Resource Center (IRC) / Instructional Materials Center (IMC) Users

Breakdown of all KLAS Libraries and Organizations in the above-defined categories:

Current KDAC Members

  • Erin Pawlus - Arizona Talking Book Library, KLAS Users' Group Officer Liason
  • Sam Lundberg - New Mexico Talking Book Library (small Talking Book Library)
  • Dianne Keadle - South Carolina Talking Book Services (mid-sized Talking Book Library)
  • Shawn Lemieux - New York State Talking Book & Braille Library (large Talking Book Library)
  • Ricardo Cisneros - San Franciso Public Library - Talking Books and Braille Center (subregional Talking Book Library)
  • Cyndi Reimer - California Clearinghouse for Specialized Media & Technology (IRC / IMC)
  • Donald Salvato - Xavier Society for the Blind (schools and special organizations)

A link to vote in the officer election will be sent to a designated representative of each KLAS library / organization.

The deadline to vote is Tuesday, June 30.

Biographies and Statements of Purpose for Candidates for Vice President 

Jen Buzolich, California Clearinghouse for Specialized Media and Technology


Jen Buzolich currently serves as the Administrator of the Clearinghouse for Specialized Media and Technology (CSMT) in the Curriculum Frameworks and Instructional Resources Division at the California Department of Education. CSMT provides accessible instructional materials to California Public Schools. Additionally, she is an Ex-Officio Trustee for the American Printing House for the Blind. Prior to this, Jen has served as a Principal, Assistant Principal, coordinator, instructional coach, and teacher.

Jen holds a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential as well as an Administrative Services Credential. She has a Master’s of Science in Education with a focus on Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment. Jen is currently working on her doctorate.

Statement of Purpose

If elected to serve, I would envision being an active representative of all KLAS Users. Most especially, I would envision providing a strong voice of the IRCs.

Biographies and Statements for Candidates for Secretary

Erin Pawlus, Arizona Talking Book Library

2019 KLAS Users' Group Officer CandidatesBiography

Erin Pawlus has worked at the Arizona Talking Book Library for 9 years, first as a Reader Advisor and more currently as Assistant Administrator. She has also enjoyed serving as KLAS Users' Group Secretary for one term, which has given her the opportunity to meet many wonderful librarians and IRC staff in the network. She has participated in the Program Committee for two years and the KLAS Development Advisory Committee for one year.

Prior to joining the Arizona Talking Book Library, Erin worked as a public librarian in Arizona and California. She was first introduced to the National Library Service in beautiful downtown Burbank, where she assembled bags for home borrowers that occasionally included those bright green cassette containers.

A (possibly) fun fact: she is in training to become a Tai Chi instructor.

Statement of Purpose

I am seeking a second term as Secretary of the KLAS Users’ Group. It is important to me that the activities of the officers are public and transparent, and I will continue to promptly post meeting minutes on the KLAS Users’ website. I am particularly interested in encouraging participation among IRCs, schools, and special organizations online and at the KLAS Users’ Conference.

This is the final draft of the proposed bylaws changes for the KLAS Users' Group. Changes were made to allow for a smoother officer transition for the positions of President and Vice President, incorporate language relevant to elections and content planning in non-conference years and / or in addition to the conference, and to make the group more inclusive of all organizations that use KLAS. Go here to review the current KLAS Users' Group bylaws as approved on May 5, 2016.

A link will be sent to a designated representative of each KLAS library / organization to vote on these changes. Voting must be conducted within 30 days and a 2/3 majority is required to approve the changes.

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An updated version of the KLAS User Group bylaws was presented to the KLAS Users' Group on at the annual business meeting on June 6, 2019. The members of the Users' Group then proceeded to vote online to accept the bylaws with all suggested revisions effective July 1, 2019.

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Below is the presentation given at the NLS Western / Southern Regional Conference in San Antonio on May 8, 2019 in PowerPoint and .PDF format.

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Below are the minutes taken during the KLAS Users' Group meeting held at the National Library Service 2018 Conference.

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Below is the presentation given at the NLS Northern / Midlands Regional Conference in NYC on April 10. 2019 in PowerPoint and .PDF format.

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